Discover the Genius in Your Child

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Discover the Genius in Your Child is a must for every parent, teacher and academician. Written in a simple and lucid language the book can be easily completed in just 90 MINUTES. The Indian growth story is the inspiration for the making of this book. This book is based on the premise that every child has some hidden potential in him which needs to be explored. The book is meant for every parent who wants to explore this hidden potential in his child. The book provides lot of new and innovative tips and techniques which would help the parent in bringing out the genius in the child. A very inspiring book which will hold you till the last page. Contents of the book:
1. Do you know a genius?
2. Geniuses are not born – they take birth within
3. G of a Genius – Goal-Oriented
4. E of a Genius – Education
5. N of a Genius – Nonpareil
6. I of a Genius – Industrious
7. U of a Genius – Undeterred
8. S of a Genius – Social
9. Genius stays grounded, always 
Author Name Deepak Agarwal
ISBN 9789381250730
Product Type BOOK
Pages 210
Publisher Disha Publication
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