Earn Reward Points & Redeem them from next order onwards. No Conditions Apply.

  • Now every time you shop on www.dishapublication.com, you get rewarded.
  • For every Rs 20/- you get 1 Reward Point. For example, if you buy a book for Rs 100/-, you will earn 5 Reward Points. Also for a shopping worth Rs 110/-, you will earn 5 Reward Points only.
  • The points can be redeemed in the next purchase only.
  • For redeeming the earned points, every Reward Point is equivalent to Rs. 1/-.  For example, if a customer has 10 points, he can redeem Rs. 10/- in his next purchase.
  • To check earned Rewords points, Go to My account and click Reward points.
  • In case you have a coupon code and are using it during a purchase, the Reward Points will be awarded on the net payable amount.
  • In case of order cancellations/ refunds - the Reward Points, if received for that transaction/ order, will automatically get deducted from your account.
  • Any time you shop, your available Reward Points (if any) would be shown on the Cart page just below the Coupon Code Space.
  • To Redeem the Reward Points, enter the amount of Reward Points to be redeemed in the Cart page (before Checkout).

                Add to Cart --- Go to Cart --- enter the Reward Points --- Checkout --- Amount gets reduced ---- Make Payments & you are done.

  • The reward points, you earn, will expire after 90 days.  
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