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Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Chemistry course combines superior knowledge of analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and electro chemistry into the design prospectus. By learning this subject, students can achieve skill in the design of major chemical manufacturing plants.

Chemical Engineers create cost-effective methods of using resources and energy. They use chemistry to turn unprocessed resources into working products, like petrochemicals, medicine, industrial setting, large-scale plastics, etc. They are also counting squander management and research.

Engineering chemistry books

Disha Publication book is a complete study material for 1st and 2nd semester Engineering students. The book covers chapters on corrosion, fuels and combustion, lubricants, polymers, chemical bonding, composite materials, electroplating, crystal structures, catalysis and photo chemistry.

The book also consists of several illustrations, diagrams, chemical equations, tables and questions to know the theory of chemistry better. This book is important for all students of engineering getting ready for competitive exams like IES and GATE.

Organic Chemistry Books

Disha’s book focuses at three challenging important areas of the organic chemistry –visualization of structures, understanding of mechanics, and difficulty solving. The responses are well demonstrated and detailed solutions with step-by-step clarifications of their methods are presented. These are united with brief text serving students to get hold of the basic concepts of the subject.

This is a complete study material for Organic Chemistry .Tutors and students will discover all sort of trouble that wraps the core syllabus of typical organic chemistry with the help of this book. For answering the problems given in this book student need thinking skills and deep knowledge.

Organic chemistry studies the properties, structure, and effects of organic compounds that include carbon in covalent bonding. The learning of structure decides their chemical formula and the study of properties consist of chemical and physical properties, and valuation of chemical reactivity to be aware of their behaviour. The study of organic reactions contains the chemical mixture of natural products, polymers, drugs, and study of one individual organic molecule in the factory and by the use of theoretical study.

Chemistry Equations

Disha’s book for Chemistry Equations provides an adequate number of questions to the aspirants for preparation. In this little book, a huge number of questions are printed in words, and the aspirant is requisite to interpret them into the words of Chemistry. The aspirant has to write down right formulae and then balance the equations separately. Just in two or three weeks, the student discovers the process of writing accurate balanced equations.

Disha Publication provides Engineering Chemistry books in both the languages which are Hindi and English. Students can buy whichever book they prefer from Disha’s official website.

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