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Engineering physics books

Physics is a most praise subject in all engineering college. Engineering Physics has introduced in order to build the connection among school physics concepts and the first-year students for all branches. It focuses on the necessary concepts of new science such as fundamentals of crystal physics, engineering applications of Acoustics and Photonics, etc.

Candidates can gain the entire knowledge of engineering physics by studying from the best books or notes designed by your teachers or any expert. Students can easily find Engineering Physics B. tech Books online from Disha’s official page and get the whole Study Material at your doorstep to prepare. These books explain all the topics in detail and give the bliss of studying physics. It covers all the important sections from optics to sound, magnetism to modern physics and electricity.

Engineering physics books PDF

Students who are looking for engineering first year books can easily find all books and study resources in PDF formats for free on our Disha’s official page. You can get access of these physics books in PDF format and can easily download without any hurdles. We have hosted some other facts like Engineering Physics Reference books, Important Questions List and Syllabus, in the modules for aspirant better preparation.

Engineering physics Syllabus

Disha Publication book for Engineering Physics consists of all the important chapters and topics given in the syllabus provided by Universities. Content of the books is given below-

Section 1- Electrostatics

Boundary value problems and Boundary conditions in electrostatics. Laplace and Poisson’s equations in electrostatics and their applications, The Uniqueness theorem, energy stored in the discrete and continuous system of charges, method of electrical images and their simple applications.

Section 2- Wave Optics

Theory of Interference, Methods of formation of coherent sources, Displacement of Fringes, thin-film interference, Newton’s ring. Fraunhofer diffraction at single slit and grating resolving power of grating, Rayleigh’s criterion of the resolution.

Section 3- Optical activity and Modern Optics

Nicol prism and Production of plane-polarized light by reflection and Double refraction. Fresnel’s theory, polar meter, numerical aperture, Principle of fibre optics, dispersion in optical fibres, waveguide dispersion, intermodal material dispersion and intermodal dispersion, Main components of laser, Einstein’s coefficients, Pulse dispersion in step-index fibre, He-Ne laser, and their applications.

Section 4- Properties of Matter and Relativistic Mechanics

Poiseulli’s equation, Viscosity, Michelson-Morley experiment and its implications Einstein’s postulates, Galilean transformation equations, Lorentz transformation equations, relativistic kinetic energy, energy mass relation.

Section 5- Quantum Physics

Basic postulates of quantum mechanics, Compton effect, Wave function and its physical admissibility, normalization of wave functions, its applications to Schrodinger’s equation finite well and its application to the particle in a 1-D box.

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