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Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning is an element of approximately all chief Government examinations carried out in the country and is one of the most scoring segments too. Students who are planning for future competitive exams can find all tips and few sample questions connected to Logical reasoning on this page.

Ability examinations are an undividable part of all the entrance examinations of the government sector in India. The ability exam in India has generally two sections.

For the majority of competitive examinations, the Reasoning Ability section includes two kinds of questions. These two kinds contain logical reasoning and analytical reasoning.

Logical reasoning consists of ability questions that need a logical level of study to arrive at an accurate solution. Most of the questions are raised are based on concepts and the rest of the questions are out-of-the-box thinking ones.

Logical reasoning is divided into 2 types:

Verbal Reasoning: It is the skill to logically know the concepts and solve questions spoken in words. Verbal reasoning examines the ability to remove information and insinuations in a sentence.

Non-verbal Reasoning: It is the skill to logically get the concepts and solve problems expressed in letters/ numbers/figures in mixture with words. This tests the aptitude of assumption and orientation of logic of information and implications in a problem.

The logical reasoning segment is one such segment, which is incorporated roughly in all major Government exams. A huge part of the reasoning curriculum can be separated into the 2 above-mentioned categories.

Logical Reasoning Books

Disha’s book is separated into parts that are verbal Reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Further Verbal Reasoning is also divided into few sections; the first section wraps General Mental Ability, like Alpha Numeric Sequence puzzles, Assertion and Reasoning, Verification of truth of the statement, Series Completion, Direction Sense Test, Inserting the Missing Character, Logical Venn Diagrams and Logical Sequence of Words.

the Second section wraps Logical Deduction, like Statement-Conclusions, Theme Detection, Cause and Effect Reasoning, Deriving Conclusions from Passages, Statement-Arguments, Statement-Assumptions, Logic, and Statement-Course of Action.

Non-Verbal Reasoning comprises of Construction of Squares and Triangles, Figure Formation & Analysis, Classification, Series, Paper Folding, Completion of Incomplete Pattern, Analogy, Cubes and Dice, Analytical Reasoning and Spotting out the Embedded Figures, etc.

Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF

Another advantage is that Disha is offering all the study material mentioned above in PDF Format. So, that all the students can download them with no trouble. And students can exercise at any time they want to do so. Well, passing entrance examinations need lots and lots of Practice.

And when students are trying the Reasoning section, they have to be very fast as the timer with the tick. To respond to the Reasoning Questions quickly in Exams like SSC, UPSC, etc. all the students have to be spontaneous as well as should have a hold on the essentials.

Therefore, please check out the Questions for Reasoning. Students should try to use and check them and will be even better if they download them. It will help students for their good preparation.

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