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Quantitative analysis is the use of statistical and mathematical methods in finance. People functioning in the field are quantitative analysts. The profession is similar to those who work in industrial mathematics in other industries.[1] The process consists of searching databases for patterns. Quantitative analysts a lot come from financial engineering, financial mathematics, physics, applied mathematics, or engineering backgrounds, and quantitative analysis is a key source of employment for people with physics and mathematics.

Quants use mathematical skills well-read in various fields such as physics, computer science, and engineering. These skills consist of, linear algebra, advanced statistics, and partial differential equations.

If practiced well, ‘Mathematics’ or ‘Quantitative Aptitude’ is measured to be one of the scoring sections of different Competitive Government Exams like Banking PO and SSC Exams, Insurance Exams, CSAT, State Government, MBA Entrance Exams, etc. The topics roofed under the Quantitative Aptitude Section are originated from 5 categories, i.e., Numbers, Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry & Mensuration.

Best Quant Maths books

The Quantitative Aptitude for Examinations by Disha Publication is a guide of mathematical questions wrapping the extensive syllabus taken into thought by most competitive examinations held in the nation every year. Disha Publication book covers a whole range of questions, with worked-out solutions.

The book has been separated into two sections, named Arithmetic ability and data interpretation. While the earlier portion focuses on cube roots, numbers, decimal fractions, H.C.F & L.C.M, probability, surds & indices among the rest, the latter section gives information on data tabulation, including pie charts.

The exercises are well-designed and have detailed explanations to aid the students to know whether the question has been done correctly and also to make the Candidates understand how to land at the solution. The students appearing in the exam for the first time, the book also contains complete solved question papers of the past year next to with the unsolved ones.

Disha Publication is making sure that the student gets carefully acquainted with the exam pattern before appearing for the exam. Disha Publication quant math’s book is a perfect book for the Candidates preparing for competitive exams such as SBI-PO, Bank PO, and SSC Combined preliminary examination, IBPS, CBI, Railways, and other state Government exams next to CAT, MAT, Hotel Management and IIFT.

Disha Publication preparation books for quant maths will not only help the candidates in cracking the exam but will also help them get a perfect score. But the one thing that students forget is that along with the correct strategy, they also need to find the right book that will fulfill all their requirements regarding their exam. That's when Disha's publication comes to the rescue of students. We provide a one-stop solution of Quant maths books that will help the students and will also assure that they are one step ahead of everyone in their preparation.

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