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Olympiad book for class 1

Parents try to give the best to their kids and persistently encourage them to achieve milestones. Every Parent feels proud when their kid makes any little achievement and lookout for the best opportunities they can give to their child because every child deserves the platform to showcase their talent and abilities.

Olympiad is the ideal platform for your kid to work on themselves and generate their interest and confidence in participating in competitive exams like these. This competitive exam is conducted by a variety of well-known foundations in India and abroad.

The syllabus of the exam is based on the academic syllabus of respective major state boards. Appearing for exams helps to develop new abilities and they start thinking out of the box so that they can apply the concepts they have learned in diverse situations and geared for the questions they may not have learned directly from their school books.

Olympiad exams are extremely challenging and it improves your ability and competitive courage among students and builds confidence in them. Exams like this boost your analytical thinking skills, Bring out your hidden strengths and talent, give you exposure, Improves your overall Academic Performance, etc.

Olympiad books for class 1 Preparation

Disha Publication Olympiad books are planned to bring into the light to the students with the kind of questions coming in exams. This book consists of chapter-wise multiple-choice questions (MCQ). This book contains the previous year's exam paper with explained answers to give the latest Olympiad exam understanding. It gives complete question practice and swift recap and with self-study, you can show great performance in the examinations.

Mathematics Olympiad for class 1

Mathematics provides a way of building intellectual discipline and uplift mental stiffness. Mathematics is a fascinating subject for Class 1 students as they get to be trained in the initial concepts of mathematics in an innovative way. International Maths Olympiad (IMO) is taken at the National level for students in class 1.

Mathematics Olympiad book covers all the topics for instance addition, shapes, subtraction, etc. And they follow the school board academic syllabus. Disha Publication book is concerned for students to learn the concepts of mathematics in the easiest way possible. Content in the book is planned by keeping in mind the capability and understanding of Class 1 students. Therefore, it becomes easy for the students to practice questions, and prepare themselves, so that they can solve all the difficult problems with ease.

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