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Olympiad Exams

Olympiad exams are school-level exams that are based on the academic syllabus. Olympiad exams operate like a universal platform to measure different skills, and they offer the right type of exposure for the young and learning brain. Students can improve their areas of growth after measuring their performance in such exams.

Students can vigilantly examine how they performed in these exams and plan out an approach to improve their developmental areas. Students can acquire the help of Olympiad exam study material that is generated keeping school students in mind.

Olympiad exams offer students the experience that they need. This experience is very favorable as the level of complexity is dependent on students’ position. Students are acknowledged to learn well when they are fighting with challenges and struggles.

These Olympiads let aspirants’ compare them with their peers. Such an early disclosure to competition blends out to be healthy. Without the experience of competition, aspirants might feel affected or hopeless. It is forever a great thought to have a certainty check. Students will understand where they stand. This experience will furthermore help them build up a strong attitude.

Students may have a tendency to improve and rehearse skills, down with developing cognitive aptitude and coordination ability. They might even try hard to get better for future exams. So, Olympiad exams can make them confident to grow and shine. Olympiads also offer them an opening to utilize the knowledge they gained at school.

If students are looking to get a scholarship program, then Olympiad exams are very helpful. These Olympiad exams will make their profile look superior. This helps enhance their possibility to get into great universities and colleges in the future.

Olympiad Books for class 2

Disha offered Class 2 Olympiad Books for a variety of examinations like NCO, NSO, NSTSE, IGKO, IMO, etc. utilize these books for Class 2 Olympiad examination and achieve well in the competitive assessments. For the sake of student's ease, Disha provided a range of Class 2 Olympiad Examinations alongside the practice books & study materials, etc. Get a lucid understanding of all the theories and concepts by referring to the suggested books for Class 2 Olympiads. Disha has books for all the subjects Olympiad exams, students can easily buy the books they need online from Disha Publications' official webpage.

Tips and tricks for preparation for Class 2 Olympiad Exams

  • Transfer to the complete Olympiad Syllabus prior to starting your preparation.
    • Create an appropriate preparation map before beginning your exam preparation
      • Go all the way through the Exam prototype and be familiar with the type of questions being asked in addition to marks distribution.
        • Refer to the theories from the NCERT textbooks.
            • Solve several preceding year papers and sample papers.

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