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Olympiad books

Olympiad books National Talent Search Examination books are developed to give confidence to students to master the competitive border in the examination. It is an attempt from NTSE to offer in-depth coverage of SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and MAT (Mental Ability Test) for the higher level preparation standards expected of students.

It gives the broadest and wide content on the current topics so that students can do extremely well in as highly important exam as NTSE and at the same time enhance their awareness. Middle School is the most suitable period when children can focus on lot of other important skills that will last for existence.

If students want to be a good performer in the Olympiad exams and win success, then they must to plan well for these exams. Olympiads in our country are carried out for various subjects. They are specifically junior science, mathematics, Biology, Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry. Disha has study material for all these subjects which will help students to prepare well for the Olympiads. So, choose your area of attention and start your book hunt with this complete collection.

Science Olympiad Books

A variety of organizations all over the country carry out Science Olympiads for Class 1st students. These dedicated books have been planned to offer appropriate and the best study material for the preparation of the students who are planning for Science Olympiads and any other competitions. The books provided on this page have been intended to provide the aspirants an insight and expertise into almost all the parts of Science asked in a range of Science Olympiads.

The new and current book has been separated into different chapters namely Plants, Living & Non-Living Things, Human Beings & Their Needs, Animals, Good Habits, Air, Safety & First Aid, The Sky and Water & Weather. The book consists of complete theoretical substance precisely on the prototype of diverse Science Olympiads with adequate number of solved illustrations set as per the pattern of Indian National Science Olympiads.

Questions from freshly held Olympiad examinations have also been added in the book. The book also has exercise sets planned on the lines of the questions asked in the preceding years’ Science Olympiads. Also detailed answers &justifications for the exercise sets have been offered in the book. As the book encloses sufficient study material, which will for sure help students to score good in the coming Science Olympiad examination.

Olympiad Syllabus

The syllabus for National Olympiad is divided into segments for every class starting from 1ST to 12TH class. This has been completed in order to make sure that it is represented in a simple-to-discover way. The sub- sections are specified strictly as per the classes in which the students are and Sample Papers are also offered. Part 1 is the Logical Reasoning part which mostly pacts with the questions connected to Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning.

Part 2 is the part which wraps all the important topics and further divided into sub-topics. Part 3 is the hard worker's part which holds HOTs (Higher Order Thinking) Questions and it is recommended to go to this part just after you have finished the preceding two.

Olympiad examinations will be 60 percent from the present class syllabus and 40 percent from the preceding syllabus, example; Class-8th NSO exam will have 60 percent questions from class-8th syllabus and 40 percent questions from class 7th syllabus.

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