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Olympiad Exams

Olympiad exams managed and organized by ITO (Indian Talent Olympiad) are scholarship examinations. Olympiad exams pursue academic syllabus. It is one of the primary Olympiad associations in India that carry out Olympiads.

Olympiad examinations mainly consist of Maths Olympiad, Science Olympiad, General Knowledge Olympiad, English Olympiad, Computer Olympiad, Social Studies Olympiad, Drawing Olympiad, and Essay Olympiad. Aspirants are given a stage to showcase their capacity for learning. It enhances their potential, assists them to do efficiently in their favored subjects, and gets scholarships. Olympiads assist aspirants to acquire challenges and endorse learning proficiency in subjects they desire to shine in.

Olympiad examinations are very advantageous for school students. Exams are for class 1st to 12th students; these international or national level examinations assist them in a different way.

Olympiads provide a boost to students’ way of thinking. They assist students’ measure their abilities and give an improved idea of their potential. Olympiads help to understand weak points which need improvement. They file the students’ logical skills. The questions asked in the exams lend a hand to students to better understand the academic syllabus that they are educated in class.

Best Olympiad books

Disha’s books for Olympiad exams are meant for achieving not just victory but deep-seated knowledge in children. The books are written on content based on the syllabus approved by NCERT. Therefore, Disha’s Olympiad books become ideal books not just for the Olympiads but as well for developing the concepts.

There is a comprehensive series of thought-provoking MCQs to test the aspirant’s knowledge carefully. Detailed solutions and complete explanations are offered for all questions. The questions are separated into levels, the first level is the learner’s level which covers questions like an analogy, fillers, and odd one out. If the student completes the first level that means his basic awareness regarding the subject is clear. The second level is the complex level which comprises methods like chronological sequencing, matching, passage, and feature-based, integer-based, statement correct/ incorrect, grid-based, Venn diagram, and much more.

Real-life examples, a shortcut to problem-solving, diagrams, illustrations, and poems are included. Olympiads are conducted all over the country. With the idea to eliminate all the mistaken belief a kid might have regarding the subject, can relate his understanding to the genuine world and build up a deeper perceptive of the subject this book by Disha Publication will provide all the needs of the students who are going to show up for Olympiads.

Olympiad book for General Knowledge for Class 4TH

Disha’s book for GK of 4th class is a perfect introductory book for Olympiads and as well for General Awareness of 4th standard students. The book offers the entire theory with real-life Images next to the fully solved Exercises. The book is divided into two levels one is a beginner and the other one is the advanced level.

The book furthermore offers Current Affairs, which holds MCQs, so as to maintain the students modernized with the newest activities in our surroundings.

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