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Olympiad books

Olympiad books National Talent Search Examination books are developed to give confidence to students to master the competitive border in the examination. It is an attempt from NTSE to offer in-depth coverage of SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and MAT (Mental Ability Test) for the higher level preparation standards expected of students. It gives the broadest and wide content on the current topics so that students can do extremely well in the as highly important exam as NTSE and at the same time enhance their awareness.

Middle School is the most suitable period when children can focus on a lot of other important skills that will last for existence. Olympiad examinations are very advantageous for school students. Exams are for class 1st to 12th students; these international or national level examinations assist them in different ways. Olympiads provide a boost to students’ way of thinking. They assist students’ measure their abilities and give an improved idea of their potential. Olympiads help to understand weak points which need improvement. They file the students’ logical skills. The questions asked in the exams lend a hand to students to better understand the academic syllabus that they are educated in class.

Olympiad Foundation Book

Foundation Book Guide for Olympiads is an effort to lead and prepare students for the Olympiad exam. The books contain subjects like Science, Social Sciences and Mathematics, etc. in addition to the Mental Ability sections. The book provides important concepts for each chapter followed by MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). The solutions to the MCQs have also been provided at the end of each chapter.

This book will be an asset for students as they barely discover any book which can help them in building a sturdy foundation. Disha Publication book for Olympiad Foundation is a complete guide for students who desire to do extremely well in the national level Olympiad exams. This book systematically covers all the appropriate topic matters in Science, Mathematics, and Social Science, making sure that nothing is left under the Scholastic Aptitude section.

It also consists of the Mental Ability section of the exam, and is planned to go well with the learning levels of students, by making their base strong. The list of important topics has been given at the end of each chapter which is very useful in highlighting the major points of the complete lesson. The entire book comprises of a number of Multiple Choice Questions at the end of the chapters, which help aspirants to check their understanding level. This book helps aspirants to get ready for the competitive style of answering.


Olympiad examinations are offered only for getting the concept right. Basic information is based on the foundation presented in early years of education. If the concepts are clear, learners can understand variety of questions. Theoretical understanding shapes the basis of acquiring good hold over topics.

Olympiad examinations inspire learners to do well each time. ITO is familiar with every applicant and presents rewards to worthy students. This boosts self-assurance and gives the authority to undertake more such tests in the best potential manner.

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