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Olympiad Examinations

Olympiad examinations are all about fetching the best out of kids. These are competitions that confirm to be valuable in the long run. Few of the major profits include logical thinking, problem-solving capability, and testing students’ skill. ITO is the renowned name in the learning sector that presents Olympiad examinations for learners from class 1st to 10th.


Olympiad examinations are offered only for getting the concept right. Basic information is based on the foundation presented in early years of education. If the concepts are clear, learners can understand variety of questions. Theoretical understanding shapes the basis of acquiring good hold over topics.

Olympiad examinations inspire learners to do well each time. ITO is familiar with every applicant and presents rewards to worthy students. This boosts self-assurance and gives the authority to undertake more such tests in the best potential manner.

Olympiads challenges scholars to come out of their ease area. It boosts their capacity to achieve better in all exams taken. It permits them to re-examine their growth at regular gaps. It motivates students to score good in any competitive exam. It swallows an optimistic attitude in students. It assists students to get more marks in school exams. The more they exercise the improved they turn out to be in facing difficult questions. Workbooks provided by Disha Publications prepare scholars to answer all variety of questions.

Mathematics Books for Olympiad Exams

Disha’s Olympiad book for Mathematics is an effort to lead and prepare candidates for National level examinations. The book will not just prepare the candidates for such examinations but will as well aid in budding a good talent and difficulty solving skills.

The book wraps basic and advanced Mathematics which offers a quick concept revision to the candidates. Every chapter of provides exercises based on the level of complexity. The Exercise 1 holds Simple Multiple Choice Questions and Exercise 2 carries comprehensive varieties of questions.

The thorough solutions to the Multiple Choice Questions are presented at the finish of every chapter. There is Practice Question store holding large varieties of essential questions wrapping all the subjects of the curriculum with exhaustive solutions.

Mock Test papers based on diverse Olympiad exams are offered which assist the students to recollect their knowledge. The book for Mathematics by Disha will truly establish to be an advantage for students as they barely discover any study material which can help them in building a sturdy base.

Science Books

The book for Science Olympiad by Disha has been revised with the introduction of 2020 and 2019 Solved questions of a variety of Olympiad Examinations. The book offers whole theory with examples all along with entirely solved exercises. The exercises have been authorized with Past year questions from an assortment of Olympiad Examinations like GTSE, etc.

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