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Guide to English & Logical Reasoning for BITSAT with past 6 Year Solved Papers (2018-2013) & 10 Mock Tests 8th Edition

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The latest edition of the book ""English & Logical Reasoning for BITSAT with past 7 years Solved Papers (2019-2013) & 10 Mock Tests (5 in Book and 5 Online)"" provides the Key Concepts and sufficient practice to crack this section of BITSAT.
• The book contains BITSAT 2019-2013 Fully Solved Question Papers, including 2 sets of 2019 papers, which effectively help students in the preparation process. These papers give a basic idea about the test pattern asked in the BITSAT.
• The book also contains 10 Mock Papers on the pattern of BITSAT for practice. Out of the 10 Tests, 5 are provided in the form of Online Tests and 5 are provided in the book.
• The Mock Online Tests provides Insta Results, Solutions and Analytics related to section-wise and chapter-wise absolute and relative feedback. The details to access the Online Tests are provided in the book.
• The solutions to the 5 Mock Tests in the book are provided at the end of the tests.
• The book is also empowered with Smart Revision Material for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

# 2 Sets of 2019 Solved Papers
# 2018 - 13 BITSAT Solved Papers
Section 1 - English Proficiency
1. Vocabulary with Practice Exercises
2. Grammar with Practice Exercises
3. Reading Comprehension with Practice Exercises
4. Composition with Practice Exercises
Section 2 - Logical Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
1. Analogy
2. Classification Or Odd Man Out
3. Series
4. Logical Deduction
5. Chart Logic;
Non- Verbal Reasoning
1. Pattern Perception Or Completion Of Figures
2. Figure Formation & Analysis
3. Paper Cutting
4. Figure matrix
5. Rule Detection;
Section 3 - Revision Material
Smart Revision Material for Physics
Smart Revision Material for Chemistry
Smart Revision Material for Maths
Section 2 - Mock Tests
Mock Test 1 to Solutions to Mock Test 1 to 5
Online Mock Tests with Insta Results, Solutions and Analytics
Mock Test 6 to 10

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