• What are the eligibility obligations in UPSC Examination?

    The eligibility criteria are calculated on the basis of the cut-off date as per the notification.

  • How to get into the civil services of India?

    Civil Services are professions like IAS, IFS, etc. Which is straight linked to public service and are extensively believed prestigious. UPSC performs Civil Service Examinations for Government job openings.

  • What is the age limit to apply for IBPS Examination?

    Students must be minimum 20 years and maximum 30 years to be valid for the Examinations.

  • What is the learning qualification required to be valid for a variety of positions in the recruitment procedure?

    Students should seize a graduation degree from any university which is acknowledged by the Government of India or any alike qualification acknowledged by the Central Government is mandatory. In addition, the student must have a legal degree certificate.

  • What is SSC examination?

    Staff Selection Committee is the nationalized examination which is carried out to hire the variety of position in the ministries, of GOI (Government of India).

  • What are the compulsory qualifications for the SSC examination?

    The SSC performs the examination frequently to accomplish a huge number of vacancies which are for Secondary pass students, Matrix pass students and are graduated.

  • Are NCERT books enough to achieve good marks in board exams?

    Without any doubt NCERT books will make student strong in the basics, which would eventually assist them for precisely answering the variety of questions asked in examinations. But to grapple the information specified in NCERT books, learners are recommended to stay persistent and attentive.

  • Are CBSE and NCERT the Same?

    Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a board which is the leading body whereas National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is the support. NCERT is also recognized as publisher. CBSE schools use books printed or published by the NCERT to educate the learners.

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