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Foundation Science for IIT-JEE/ NEET/ NTSE/ Olympiad Class 6 - 3rd Edition

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• The Foundation Science for IIT-JEE/ NEET/ NTSE/ Olympiad Guide for Class 6 is the perfect book to build a VERY STRONG FOUNDATION for these examinations. • The book provides, for each chapter, key Concepts followed by Multiple Choice Questions of various varieties. • Each chapter has 2 levels of exercises. • Exercise 1 contains straight MCQ’s having one correct option. • Exercise 2 contains MCQ’s of different types as asked in the IIT-JEE and various PMT exams. The various types of questions are: 1. Matching based MCQ’s 2. MCQ’s with more than one correct answer 3. Assertion-Reason type MCQ’s 4. Passage based MCQ’s 5. Integer based MCQ’s 6. Diagram based MCQ’s • The solutions to both the exercises are provided at the end of each chapter. • The book will also prove to be very helpful in the preparation of NTSE and Olympiads. • This book will really prove to be an asset for Class 6 students as they hardly find a GENUINE material which can help them in building a strong foundation. "

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