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General Science & Technology for Civil Services PT & Mains, State PSC, CDS, NDA, SSC, & other UPSC Exams 2nd Edition

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The thoroughly Revised & Update 2nd Edition of the book General Science & Technology for Civil Services PT & Mains, State PSC, CDS, NDA, SSC, & other UPSC Exams been designed with special focus on IAS Prelims & Main Exams. The book is prepared as per the trend of questions asked in previous years question papers of various UPSC/ State PSC/ SSC exams.
• In nutshell the book consists of complete theory of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Technology with MCQ Exercise including past questions of various exams.
• The book also covers past questions of IAS Mains GS III and various State PSC exams.
• The book also covers Technology in the development of India and its future prospects in the field of research. The part deals with Energy, Nuclear Technology, Information Technology, Space research, Communication and Defence.
• The book is empowered with a variety of questions (Simple MCQs, Statement Based MCQs, Match the column MCQs, Assertion-Reason MCQs) and thus more than 3800 questions are included in the book. Solutions are also provided in the book.
• Past MCQs of last ten year questions of various competitive exams have also been included in the book.

Table of Contents:
# Physics
1. Measurements
2. Motion
3. Force and Laws Of Motion
4. Work, Energy and Power
5. Centre Of Mass And Rotation Motion
6. Force Of Gravity
7. Solids And Fluids
8. Waves And Sound
9. Heat And Thermodynamics
10. Electricity And Magnetism
11. Light
12. Modern Physics
13. Sources Of Energy
14. Our Universe
# Chemistry:
1. Chemistry and its importance
2. Matter and its composition
3. Element, Mixture and compounds
4. Atoms and Molecules
5. Atom structure and Nuclear chemistry
6. Classification of elements
7. Chemical Bonding and Reactions
8. The chemistry of acids, bases and salts
9. Properties, Extraction and uses of metals
10. Non-metals
11. Introduction to organic chemistry
12. Chemistry in everyday life
13. Chemistry and the environment
# Biology
1. Biological classification
2. Cell: fundamental unit of life
3. Cell cycle and cell division
4. Tissue system
5. Nutrition in plants and animals
6. Morphology of plants and its physiology
7. Reproduction in plants and animals
8. Physiology in humans
9. Health and disease
10. Evolution
11. Genetics
12. Biotechnology principle and its applications
13. Ecology and Biodiversity
14. Environmental issues
15. Food production
1. Computers & IT
2. Communication
3. Defence
4. Space
5. Energy
6. Nuclear
7. e-Commerce & Digital Transactions
# Past IAS Mains GS III & State Psc Questions.

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