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The Mega Yearbook 2019 - Samsamayiki avum Samanya Gyan for Competitive Exams - 3rd Edition

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"Disha's Hindi Yearbook 2019 - Samsamayiki avum Samanya Gyan, a thoroughly revised, reorganised, updated and ENLARGED 3rd edition, presents a comprehensive study of all the sections that are covered under the subject of General Knowledge. The Yearbook 2019 provides the latest information & most authentic data reference material on Current Affairs and General Knowledge. It has specially been designed to cater to aspirants of various competitive exams like Civil services, Banks, Railways, UPSC and PSC exams and Quiz Competitions across the country. The Mega Yearbook 2019 has been divided into 2 inclusive parts: Part A - Current Affairs; Part B - General Knowledge. # Current Affairs consists of: • Articles on issues India and the world grappling with, • India/ World Timeline, • People, Events, Ideas and Issues that left their mark in 2018, • India/ World at a Glance: Social-Economic-Political (Infographics), • Special coverage on Indian Economy, Union Budget 2018–19, Economic Survey, GST and Effects of Demonetization, • Global Economic Outlook, Bills & Acts, Policies & Schemes, • SWOT ANALYSIS -Indian Economic, Political & Social Climate, • India/ World’s Who's Who, Emerging Trends, Books & Authors, Causes & Effects, Game Changers, Quote & Unquote, Mysteries solved/ unsolved, Popular Terms, Important Appointments, Awards & Honours, Obituaries, Top 20, and many more. # General Knowledge covers: • India/ World Panorama • Geography, History, Polity, Economy, Business, General Science, Technology, Ecology and Environment • People forever • Art & Culture, Sports, Healthcare, Communication, News & Media, Education & Career, IT & Computers The Mega Yearbook 2019 procures key information from the most credible sources from India as well as from abroad in a concise and easy-to-understand manner to help cover maximum material within a limited space. The book is a Ready Reckoner which will prove to be the cutting edge for the aspirants in cracking a competitive exam. The material has been given in bulleted points wherever necessary to make the content easy to grasp. The book has ample tabular charts, mind maps, graphic illustrations which further makes the learning process flexible and interesting. "
Table of Contents Part A - Samsamayiki 1. Antar-rashtriye Ghatnayen 2. Antar-rashtriye Ghatnakaram 3. Dwipakshiye Sambandh 4. Antar-rashtriye Sanghatan/ Sammelan 5. Rashtriye Ghatnaye 6. Rarashtriye Ghatnakarm Diary 7. Rajya Paridrashya 8. Aarthik Paridrashya 9. Vigyaan aivam Prodhoyogiki 10. Raksha/Pratiraksha 11. Antriksh 12. Paryavaran avum Paristhtiki 13. Kala Sanskriti 14. Puraskar/Samman 15. Khel Paridrashya 16. Vividh Part B- Samanaya Gyan 1. Itihaas 2. Bhugol 3. Paryavaran avam Paristhtiki 4. Bhartiya Rajvyavastha 5. Bhartiya Aarthvyavastha 6. Samanaya Vigyan 7. Vigyaan aivam Prodhoyogiki 8. Khel-Kood 9. Computers 10. Antarrashtiya Sangthan 11. Paridrashya 12. Kala avum Sanskriti 13. Bhartiya Krishi 14. Bhartiya Railway 15. Banking aur Vittiya Jagrookta 16. Raksha Pratiraksha 17. Mahatwapoorna Vyaktitva
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