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The History Compendium for IAS Prelims General Studies Paper 1 & State PSC Exams 3rd Edition

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The thouroughly Revised & Updated 3rd Edition of the book History Compendium for General Studies CSAT Paper 1 & State PCS provides the MOST UPDATED material for the exam.

The USP of the book is that the information is captured in a self-explanatory and easy to remember methodology which comprises of Mind Maps, Infographics, Charts, Tables and latest exam pattern MCQs.

The emphasis of the book has been on capturing each and every detail pertaining to the Indian History which is important from the point of view of the exam.

The book captures most of the important questions with explanations of the past years of the IAS Prelim exam, CDS, NDA and other competitive exams distributed in the various chapters.

The book is divided into 3 parts (Ancient, Medieval & Modern) which are further divided into 32 chapters.

Each chapter is followed by 2 levels of exercises with 1500+ Simple MCQs & statement based MCQs.

Table of Contents

A: Ancient History

1. Source of Ancient Indian History

2. Pre –Historic Period

3. Indus Valley Civilization

4. The Vedic Age

5. Emergence of Mahajanpadas and Magadha

6. Religious Revolution

7. Mauryan Empire

8. Post Mauryan Period

9. Sangam Age

10. Gupta Empire

11. Post Gupta Period

12. South India

B: Medieval History

1. Arab and Turkish Invasions

2. Delhi Sultanate

3. Rise of Regional Kingdoms

4. Vijaynagar & Bahmani Empire

5. Sufi and Bhakti Movement

6. Mughal Empire

7. The Marathas

8. Emergence of Sikhs power

C: Modern India

1. Decline and disintegration of the Mughal Empire

2. Arrival of European Powers and their Expansion in India

3. Administration and Economy under the Company Rule

4. Peasants, Workers, Civil & Tribal Movements

5. The Revolts of 1857

6. Socio- Religious reform Movement

7. Rise of Press and Education in India

8. Governors of Bengal, Governors-General of Bengal & Viceroys

9. Indian Freedom Struggle

10. The Gandhian Era (1915-47)

11. Separates & Leftist Politics in India

12. India after Independence

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