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How to Raise a Topper

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ISBN : 9789391025090

Author : Avinash Agarwal

Pages: 148

Publisher: Disha Publication

"‘How to Raise a Topper’ shines a light on one of the most common problems parents and students face, and takes us to the root of why kids do not perform well in exams. Mr. Agarwal takes us through the fundamental techniques of mindset and habits which hold the key to success for toppers, in exams and in life. This book puts 15 years of research into topper secrets, right at your fingertips. Written in an easy-to-understand narrative, it tells us one thing with absolute certainty—anybody can be a topper. Kids display a lot of curiosity and motivation in most things but it all melts away when it comes to their studies. And despite trying, many fail to score good marks. This book tells you why. Hint: It is not about studying more or less. Table of Content 1. Mindset 2. The topper mindset 3. Role of parents in developing the right mind set 4. Teaching your child, the growth mindset 5. Questions to cultivate growth mindset culture in your child 6. Phrases children need to hear from their parents 7. If they can do it, so can I! 8. Disconnect happiness from achievement 9. Shape your belief, shape your potential 10. Having the right mindset is a great start; but it is not enough 11. Automating success through habits 12. Top ten habits of toppers 13. Habit loop track sheet 14. Special tips for parents who want to raise doctors and IITians 15. Importance of mentorship Every student needs a mentor 16. Soul searching for Parents/ New Age Parenting 17. Conclusion What’s next? "
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