I am a Teacher (My trysts with life, truth, system & happiness)

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"I am a Teacher (My trysts with life, truth, system & happiness)

India’s first Teacher empowerment book

In today’s knowledge society Economic growth of a Nation is dependent on the quality of Education system. International Research found out that if two average eight year old students were given different teachers – one of them a high performer; the other a low performer – their performance diverge by more than 50 percentile points within three years. So, a teacher makes all the difference.

But in spite of these realities Teachers are a relatively underserved community in terms of support, training, resources and products. As primary agents of change, teachers—more than anyone else—need to be equipped with best-in-class resources and knowledge to enable better education. Apart from this the education community has also not focused sufficiently on teacher motivation and empowerment. With this background in mind AIETS proudly presents India’s first Teacher empowerment book.

I am a Teacher

Based on the story of Suniana, a school teacher, this book reveals Suniana’s experiences, joys and sorrows, her ups and downs in the course of her journey as a teacher. Suniana’s success story can be the success story of every teacher provided he/she is equipped with the tools to deal with his/her particular problem. Like Suniana if each of us aspires to be among the best, we will be making our children into not just citizens of India but global citizens– ready to take on the world!
The books is meant for all teachers, educators, parents and every citizen who believes that quality education is the key driver of economic growth and prosperity of any country.

The book will help teachers increase skills, enhance professional development and maximize classroom learning time.
The book is loaded with inspirational and humorous stories that highlight the joys and rewards of teaching without ignoring the realities of the job.
The book is a must for every teacher who is passionate about his job, who is looking forward to improve himself, who believes in motivating his/ her students.
The book is a must for every parent who is, by default, teacher to his/ her ward. We teach our children a lot of things, directly or indirectly. You must read it if you want to understand them better and to change their understanding for better.
The book is a must for every leader who wishes to lead by example thus motivating his peers and subordinates.
The book is a must for every Indian citizen who wishes to spread awareness among the under privileged to bring about a lasting change in the social fabric about motivating youth to take up the challenges of the Modern India."""

Author Name Avinash Agarwal
ISBN 9789383379590
Product Type BOOK
Pages 160
Publisher Disha Publication
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