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Indian Economy

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"This book will take your UPSC CSE preparation to the Next Level. The Indian Economy by Aman Soni is a classic case of an Integrated approach of Understanding the Fundamentals of the Economy and applying them in the current economic events that affect India. The book aims at 100% conceptual understanding for the UPSC aspirants so that they not only understand the economic events happening on a daily basis but also understand the causes and effects of the same. The book has been divided into 10 units which are further divided into 21 Chapters. Each chapter discusses the Concepts in detail enriched with Real-life Examples, Mind Maps (on the most important topics), and Comic Strips (on various current topics to generate interest & lighten the mood of the students) to make it easier to understand and faster to revise. The Real-life Examples captures the Current Affair happenings pertaining to India. Each chapter is followed by Previous Years Solved Prelims Questions and Mains Model Answers (which have been written by 2019 Toppers Gokul, AIR 402 and Rahul, AIR 803). The book has been written in a very student-friendly manner with a very simple language. It is the confidence of the author that this book will help you to understand the subject from scratch and will push you to become a master of the subject. "
Table of Contents
Unit 1 - National Income and Economic Development
1. Introduction to Economy
2. National Income
3. Economic Development, Indices and Reports
Unit 2 - Fiscal Policy
4. Fiscal Policy
5. Taxation
Unit 3 - Monetary Policy and Financial Intermediation
6. Monetary Policy
7. Banking and NBFCs
Unit 4 - Inflation
8. Inflation
Unit 5 - Money Market and Capital Market
9. Money Market and Capital Market
Unit 6 - External Sector
10. Balance of Payments
11. WTO
12. IMF and World Bank
Unit 7 - Planning
13. Planning and NITI Aayog
Unit 8 - Agriculture : Past, Present and Future
14. Land Reforms
15. Agriculture
16. Food Processing Industries
Unit 9 - Industries and Infrastructure
17. Investment Models
18. Industries
19. Infrastructure
Unit 10 - Human Resource Development
20. Poverty
21. Unemployment and Labour Reforms"
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