Inorganic Qualitative Analysis for Boards (Class 11 & 12), JEE Main & Advanced

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Inorganic Qualitative Analysis for Boards (Class 11 & 12), JEE Main & Advanced
• A unique book not just for better understanding of Inorganic Chemistry but for better memorising and retention. The book has been written by the renowned Chemistry faculty Dr. Deepak Joshi, HOD Inorganic Chemistry, Bansal Classes, Kota.
• Qualitative/ Analytical Analysis form the backbone of the complete Inorganic Chemistry. Hence it becomes a very important topic.
• The unique feature of the book is a thorough understanding of reactions and compounds through Colours, which will help the students in better retention of the colours of the different reagents/ compounds formed during various reactions.
• The book is fully useful for every class 11 and 12 student as it covers all the Salt Analysis Practicals as per the syllabus of CBSE and various Boards.
• The book is full of Memorising Techniques which is the key to success in Inorganic Chemistry. Sufficient Exercises are given wherever required.
• 4 coloured Memorising Technique based Flash Cards are provided for better learning of students.
• The book has been completely reoriented as per the new pattern of IIT JEE. The book has been divided into 11 chapters which contains the complete salt analysis – acid/ base radicals - group by group exhibiting all the reactions involved with the colours of the reagents involved.
• Throughout the book there are various exercises:
1. Beginner’s exercise – Pehla Kadam
2. Raise your level exercise - Saahas
3. Try Yourself
The book contains 6 levels of exercise at the end of the chapters. The solutions to the exercises have been provided immediately after.
1. MCQ 1 Correct Questions
2. Passage based Questions
3. Assertion Reason type Questions
4. MCQ more than 1 correct Questions
5. Multiple Matching Questions
6. Subjective/ Integer Answer Questions
The book contains MIND MAPS of the complete cation and anion Analysis in the form of a centrespread.
Author - Dr. Deepak Joshi; He is the Head of the Inorganic Chemistry at Bansal Classes, Kota. He has been training students for JEE Main and Advanced since last 12 years.

Author Name Dr. Deepak Joshi
ISBN 9789384089054
Product Type Book
Pages 232
Publisher Disha Publication
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