Epitome of Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude TextGuide with 120+ Case Studies for Civil Services UPSC & State PSC Main Exams 3rd Edition | General Studies Paper IV | Previous Year Questions PYQs

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The updated 3rd Edition of the book Epitome of Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude with Case Study Approach for UPSC Civil Services General Studies Mains Paper IV has following Salient Features:

# It covers the General Studies Paper IV - Ethics with a balanced approach of Conceptual Understanding and Situation-based Case Studies.

# This new Edition is powered with a section called ‘Expert’s Advice’ where the author directly addresses, guides and instructs the student using his expert knowledge. This will help student understand which sections are most important, what can be asked in future, and what should not be skipped strictly from exam point-of-view.

# The book has been written in a Reader-friendly language. The structure and content of the book have been carefully designed to serve the triple purposes of Self-study, Revision, and Expert Guidance to aspirants.

# In this book Ethics is dealt with a 360 degree approach and all aspects in different subject areas like Polity, Economics, Environment, etc. are discussed at length along with Case Studies.

# The learning is simplified with 120+ Case Studies which exemplifies the application of theoretical learning to the practical Case Studies.

# The inclusion of Previous Year Mains Questions till 2022 with Answers and the expected questions ensure that the readers do not lose sight of their goal as it is easy to get deviated from the main focus while constantly reading pages and pages of printed words.

# Right at the beginning in each of the 9 chapters, a note to readers has been presented to give a feel of the crux of each of the chapters, their relative importance from the perspective of exam and their rationale from the perspective of the syllabus setters.

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