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Perfect Genius NCERT English Worksheets for Class 3 (based on Bloom's taxonomy) 2nd Edition

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ISBN : 9789389187311

Author : Disha Experts

Pages: 256

Publisher: Disha Publication


Perfect Genius is a collection of selfindulging user friendly worksheets which is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. As per the Bloom’s Taxonomy, there are six learning stages which shows the shift from the lower order thinking skills towards the higher order thinking skills Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Evaluation & Creation.
Perfect Genius NCERT English Worksheets for Class 3 (based on Bloom's taxonomy) is the scientifically designed workbook which has the following features:
1. Follows and Designed as per the NCERT syllabus.
2. Unlike regular books which try only to find out how much a child knows, the Perfect Genius worksheets measure how well a student has understood concepts.
3. Covers 100 skills in the form of 100 Activity worksheets on Scholastic Areas (English), Life Skills, Attitude and Values.
4. The solutions to the 100 Activity worksheets are provided at the end of the workbook.
5. The workbook follows the National Curricular Framework, NCF 2005.
6. These worksheets have been classified in the 6 learning stages of Bloom's Taxonomy.
Benefits of Perfect Genius:
1. Builds a Strong Foundation for NTSE, Olympiads, IITJEE and other exams.
2. Perfect Genius does not restrict to the academic requirements but will question the students on various aspects required for a Good Intelligence Quotient.
3. The exercises generate enough triggers for students to expand their learning horizons. The questions designed aid in the establishment and encouragement of critical thinking.
4. The students will be able to present and create opinions and make judgments developing the higher order thinking skills.
5. The student will develop not only scholastic abilities but there will be an overall holistic development Life Skills, Attitude, Values.
As children are most receptive to learning during young age, a time when they are not influenced by a lot of external factors. So the right time is to start NOW.

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Life Skills, Attitudes and Values

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