NTA JEE Main Chapter-wise DPP Sheets for Mathematics with 5 Full Syllabus Tests 3rd Edition | Multiple Choice Questions | Numeric Value Questions | Daily Practice Problems Kota Style

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The 3rd edition of the popular DPP series “NTA JEE Main Chapter-wise DPP Sheets for Mathematics” has following salient features:

1. The book is divided into 30 Chapters which provide a DPP based on the NCERT book.

2. Each DPP provides carefully selected Questions  MCQs + NVQs (Numeric Value Questions). 

3. At the end of Chapter-wise DPP, 5 Full Syllabus Subject DPPs/ Tests of 30 Questions (20 MCQs + 10 NVQs - 5 Optional) are provided.

4. Time Limit, Maximum Marks, Cutoff, Qualifying Score for each DPP Sheet is provided.

5. These sheets will act as an Ultimate tool for Concept Checking & Speed Building.

6. The book is a Collection of 900 Questions MCQs + NVQs covering all important Concepts of each Chapter.

7. Detailed solution to all the questions are provided.

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