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10000+ Objective MCQs with Explanatory Notes for General Studies UPSC/ State PCS/ SSC/ Banking/ Railways/ Defence 2nd Edition

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After the Grand Success of its 1st Edition, Disha launches the much powerful 2nd Edition of the book '10000+ Objective MCQs with Explanatory Notes for General Studies'.This 2nd Edition is updated with latest questions of UPSC, SSC, State PSC, RRB, Bank & other exams.Further outdated questions are removed and explanations are updated. The book has been divided into 8 sections which have been further divided into chapters containing 10000 “Multiple Choice Questions” for Revision purpose and final practice. The 8 sections are - History, Polity, Economics, Geography, Science and Technology, Ecology, General Knowledge and Current Affairs.
The Unique Selling Proposition of the book is the explanation to each and every question which provides additional info to the students on the subject of the questions and correct reasoning wherever required.
The questions have been selected on the basis of the various types of questions being asked in the various exams.

Table of Contents
A1- Ancient History (8 Chapters)
A2- Medieval History (7 Chapters)
A3- Modern History (9 Chapters)
A4- World History
B1- Physical Geography (4 Chapters)
B2- World Geography (4 Chapters)
B3- Indian Geography (8 Chapters)
C1- Constitutional Provisions (11 Chapters)
C2- Constitutional Bodies(6 Chapters)
C3- Union Government (3 Chapters)
C4- State Government (3 Chapters)
C5- Local Government (2 Chapters)
C6- Statutory Bodies
C7- Elections: Electoral System & its Reform
C8- Political Parties & Pressure Groups
C9- Bills & Acts
C10- Constitutional Amendments
C11- World Polity/ Miscellaneous
D1- Micro-Macro Economics (3 Chapters)
D2- Public Finance in India (4 Chapters)
D3- Indian Economy (5 Chapters)
D4- Business & Foreign Trade of India(7 Chapters)
D5- World Economy/ Miscellaneous
E1- Ecology & Ecosystem
E2- Environmental Issues
E3- Biodiversity
F1- Physics (7 chapters)
F2- Chemistry (9 chapters)
F3- Biology (9 chapters)
F4- Healthcare System in India
F5- Everyday Science
F6-Science & Tech./ IT/ Computers
G1- Schemes/ Yojanas/ Programmes
G2 - Government Policies/Plans G3- Bills & Acts/ Regulations
G4- Constitutional Amendments
H-MAJOR EVENTS (India & World)
H1- Supreme Court Judgements
H2- Summits/Conferences/Meetings/ Conventions
H3- Agreement/Accord/Treaty/Protocol/Collaboration
H4- Organization/Alliances/Confederation/ Association/ Agencies H5- Tribunal/Regulator/Authority, Board etc.
H6- Movements/Satyagrah/Revolt/ Campaign & Persons, etc.
H7- Committees/ Commissions
H8- Projects & Missions
H9- Operation
GK1 - Indian Panorama (11 Chapters)
GK2- World Panorama (9 Chapters)
GK3- Art & Culture (5 Chapters)
GK4- Communication/ Media/ Transport (3 Chapters)
CA1- National Events, Issues & Ideas
CA2- International Events, Issues & Ideas
CA3- Awards & Honours
CA4- Sports & Games
CA5- Science & Tech.
CA6- Miscellaneous

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