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Olympiad Champs Cyber Class 2 with Past Olympiad Questions 2nd Edition

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Olympiad Champs Cyber Class 2 - 2nd Edition with Past Olympiad Questions is a complete preparatory book for Olympiad exams for Class 2.

The book has been updated with the introduction of 2019 & 2018 Solved Questions of the various Olympiad Exams.

The book provides complete theory with Illustrations (real-life Images) along with fully solved Exercises in 2 levels.

Level 1, is the beginner’s level which comprises of MCQs like fillers, analogy and odd one out.

Level 2 (advanced level) comprises of questions based on techniques like matching, chronological sequencing, picture, feature based, statement correct/ incorrect, integer based, puzzle, grid based, and much more.

The Exercises have been empowered with Past Questions of last 7 years from various Olympiad Exams like NCO, GTSE, etc.


2019 & 2018 Solved Questions

1. Basic of computer

2. Introduction to Computers

3. Features of Computer

4. Keyboard and Mouse

5. input output processing

6. Use of computer

7. Ms-paint and WordPad

8. Windows 7

9. Trends in IT

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