Olympiad Champs English Class 9 with 5 Mock Online Olympiad Tests

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OLYMPIADS Champs Class 9 English  is an attempt to guide and prepare students for Olympiad examinations.
• Complete syllabus of Olympiad is completely divided into 17 chapters.  
• The book provides, for each chapter, important concepts followed by Multiple Choice Questions Exercises.
• Each chapter provides 2 levels of Exercises based on the level of difficulty.
• The detailed solutions to the MCQ's are provided at the end of each chapter.
• 5 Online mock tests based on the different Olympiad exams are also provided along with the book.
This book will really prove to be an asset for Class 9 students as they hardly find any material which can help them in not only mastering the Olympiads but also help them in building a strong foundation.

ISBN 9789386146113
Author Name Disha Experts
Product Type BOOK
Pages 352
Publisher Disha Publication
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Table of Contents
1.  Nouns and Pronouns
2.  Articles,  Determiners, Prepositions and Conjunctions
3.  Adjectives
4.  Verbs, Modals, Adverbs, Phrasal Verbs and Concord
5.  Tenses and Conditionals
6.  Collocations
7.  Voices, Reported Speech and Question Forms
8.  Sentence Correction
9.  Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms and Homophones
10. Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs
11. One Word Substitution, Analogy and Classification
12. Spelling and Punctuation
13. Parajumbles
14. Contextual Usage
15. Sentence/Passage Completion
16. Drawing Conclusions and Inferences
17. Situation Reaction Test
18. Advertisements, Graphs and Images
19. Reading Comprehension
20. Achiever’s  Section : Our Heritage Monuments

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