Olympiad Champs Science Class 6 with 5 Mock Online Olympiad Tests 2nd Edition

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• Middle School is the most appropriate age when children can learn and focus on lot of other skills that will last for life.
• OLYMPIADS Champs Class 6 Science is an attempt to guide and prepare students for Olympiad examinations.
• The book will not only prepare the students for these examinations but will also help in developing a good apptitude and problem solving skills.
• The book covers the complete science portion which is divided into three sections- Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
• The book provides, for each chapter, important concepts followed by Multiple Choice Questions Exercises.
• In order to generate interest and to enhance knowledge, interesting features like 'do you know', and ‘notes’  have been provided along with the theory.
• Concepts are summarized  in the form of concept map at the end of each chapter.
• Each chapter provides 2 levels of Exercises based on the level of difficulty.
• Each exercise contains Simple MCQs, Matching based MCQs, statement based MCQs, assertion-reason based MCQS, passage based MCQs and figure/picture based MCQs .
• The detailed solutions to the MCQ's are provided at the end of each chapter.
• 5 Online mock tests based on the different Olympiad exams are also provided along with the book.
This book will really prove to be an asset for Class 6 students as they hardly find any material which can help them in building a strong foundation.

Author Name Disha Experts
ISBN 9789385576232
Product Type Book
Pages 326
Publisher Disha Publication
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