Olympiad Champs Science Class 8 with 5 Mock Online Olympiad Tests 2nd Edition

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ISBN : 9789385846779

Author : Disha Experts

Pages: 368

Publisher: Disha Publication

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The thoroughly revised & updated 2nd edition of OLYMPIADS Champs Class 8 Science is an attempt to guide and prepare students for Olympiad examinations.
The book will not only prepare the students for these examinations but will also help in developing a good aptitude and problem solving skills.
The book covers the complete science portion which is divided into three sections- Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
The book provides, for each chapter, important concepts followed by Multiple Choice Questions Exercises. In order to generate interest and to enhance knowledge, interesting’ do you know, and ‘notes’   have been provided along with the theory. Concepts are summarized in the form of concept map at the end of each chapter.
Each chapter provides 2 levels of Exercises based on the level of difficulty. Each exercise contains Simple MCQs, Matching based MCQs, statement based MCQs, assertion-reason based MCQS, passage based MCQs and figure/picture based MCQs.
Another highlight of the revised edition is the inclusion of Exemplar problems, HOTS & past NTSE questions with solutions.
The detailed solutions to the MCQ's are provided at the end of each chapter.
5 Online mock tests based on the different Olympiad exams are also provided along with the book.
This book will really prove to be an asset for Class 8 students as they hardly find any material which can help them in building a strong foundation.

Section 1 - PHYSICS
1. Force and Pressure
2. Friction
3. Sound
4. Chemical Effects of Electric Current
5. Some Natural Phenomena
6. Light
7. Stars and the Solar System
Section 2 - CHEMISTRY
8. Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
9. Materials : Metals and Non-Metals
10. Coal and Petroleum
11. Combustion and Flame
12. Pollution of Air and Water
Section 3 - BIOLOGY
13. Crop Production and Management
14. Micro-Organisms: Friends and Foe
15. Conservation  of Plants and Animals
16. Cell : Structure and Its Function
17. Reproduction in Animals
18. Reaching the Age of Adolescence
Online Mock Olympiad Test                 
Mock Olympiad Test 1
Mock Olympiad Test 2
Mock Olympiad Test 3
Mock Olympiad Test 4
Mock Olympiad Test 5

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