Perfect Genius Tiny Toddlers Pre-primary Skill based Worksheets - Science, Maths, Art, Craft, English (Ages 2-6)

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ISBN : 9789386629586

Author : Disha Experts

Pages: 436

Publisher: Disha Publication

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Perfect Genius Tiny Toddlers Pre-primary is a Boxset of 6 books - 2 each of Pre-nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten. The 2 books of each of the 3 strands are further organised as Beginners and Experts. The books are prepared by a team of experts in Pre–primary education under the guidance of ex–IITians.

  • The Tiny toddler’s worksheets are based on the Howard Gardener’s level of multiple intelligence, which will help in judging the skills of each and every child while working on it.
  • Each of the books contain 40-45 worksheets encompassing the various skills/ intelligences. Thus making it a total of around 250 worksheets.
  • This book will help the child to prepare themselves for success in school. It has stick-ons based worksheets also which make the learning easier for preschoolers.
  • These books have picture and illustration based worksheets, art and craft worksheets, maze puzzles and dot-to-dot puzzles, brainstorming worksheets. This attracts the focus of every child and will keep your child involved.
  • The books also also contain the performance grading stars (Good, Wonderful and Excellent). It will helps the parents to judge the performance of their child.
  • Content of these books will help your child to enhance eye-hand coordination, emotional skills, fine motor skills, motor skills, logical thinking and problem solving abilities.
  • The books have been prepared in a manner that will build great values and morals in your child.
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