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Problems in Organic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced 3rd edition

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This is the thoroughly revised and updated third edition of the book ""Problems in Organic Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced."" It is a unique book that provides carefully selected problems for IIT-JEE based on the approach 'How much to Study?' & 'What Not to Study?'.
The book has been thoroughly revised and updated with new problems.
The book aims at developing concepts through Problem Solving. Detailed solutions are provided to each and every question which brings out concept clarity among students.
The book contains 13 chapters. Each chapter contains 3 levels of Exercises:
Level – I builds solid foundation which helps in solving tough problems ahead - mailly for Jee Main.
Level – II takes you to a level at par with JEE Advancved, where tough problems are provided and you master Applying the concepts.
HONING YOUR SKILLS - is the third exercise and it provides a lot of Practice Questions on Critical Concepts.
The sole aim of the book is to develop concepts through problems. Problems have been fabricated keeping in mind the examiners view point for the particular concepts and the current examination patterns.
Reaction Mechanism is the focus of the book and questions have been developed in such a way that all major reactions are covered.

Table of Contents
1. Isomerism
2. General Organic Chemistry
3. Hydrocarbon (Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne)
4. Alkyl Halide (Sn1, Sn2, Sni, E1, E2, and E1cb)
5. Grignard’s Reagent (G.R)
6. Alcohol, Ether and Epoxide
7. Aldehyde and Ketones (Carbonyl Compounds)
8. Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives
9. Amines
10. Aromatic Compounds
11. Bio-molecules and Polymers
12. Practical Organic Chemistry (POC)
13. IUPAC Nomenclature

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