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The National Talent Search Examination or NTSE Program is an effective step to discover the hidden young talents across pan India. Conducted by NCERT, the NTSE scholarship exam awards 1000 scholarships to meritorious school students who emerge as the real jewels from among the staggering 1,500,000 participating students from across the length and breadth of the country. Hence, to be triumphant in such a high stature examination, students need to gear up well with some quality preparatory material and extreme magnitude of dedication and commitment. The NTSE exam books for class 6th to 10th from Disha publication put forth an honest attempt to help all such intelligent school going students prove their mettle on the national platter. With a perspicuous understanding of the importance of the NTSE exam paper, our books comprise exhaustive practice material including sample paper, written by subject matter experts, and cover the entire NTSE syllabus.

National Talent Search Examination Preparation Books

Disha Publication offers a range of books for covering the NTSE 2020 syllabus, including Study Guide, Foundation Guide, books with MAT & SAT solved papers, and so forth. All these books for class 6th to 10th cover each important section related to both the stages of the NTSE exam in detail and can help you succeed in NTSE 2020.

We also provide sample papers and mock drills as the ultimate resource to help the students get unparalleled scores in both the stages of their NTSE 2020 exam. Disha Publication’s preparatory material proves as the best quality resource material and acts as a strong bridge between the brilliant school students and their NTSE scholarships. Once they go through the resources, chances are better for them to come with flying colours.

The Stage-I, conducted at state level, is divided into three parts –

  • Mental Ability Test (MAT),
  • Language Test,
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

Once the candidates clear this stage, they get eligible to apply for stage 2, which is the National level exam and is divided the same way as the first stage.

Considering the fact that the exam covers a wide syllabus, students really need to get into their skins to get this much revered honor. Having said that, our NTSE Exam books have ample study material, solved questions, mock drill to help the students succeed in both these stages of the NTSE papers. Disha Publication’s preparatory Study material in terms of NTSE Sample papers proves as the best quality resource material that acts as a strong bridge between the brilliant students and their NTSE scholarships.

Some of our most important and popular NTSE Exams Best Books List of Disha Publication include:

  • NTSE Stage 1 Question Bank - 9 States Past (2012-20) + Practice Question Bank
  • MEGA Study Guide for NTSE 2021 (SAT & MAT) Class 10 Stage 1 & 2
  • NTSE 10 Year-wise Class 10 Stage 2 Solved Papers (2019 - 10)
  • Target NTSE Class 10 Stage 1 & 2 Solved Papers (2014 - 19) + 5 Mock Tests
  • Mental Ability for NTSE & Olympiad Exams for Class 10
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