NTSE Preparation

The curriculum of NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) is mainly based on the syllabus of 9th and 10th class. There are a number of extremely suggested study materials by experts to assist the aspirants nail the NTSE examination. The preparatory books put forward helpful study material to the aspirants for them to be able to prepare diverse sort of questions.

The introductory books wrap all topic and subject, therefore, an aspirant would have everything and there will be no need of learning from different books for each subject. To be eligible for the Stage- 2 exams, aspirants need to score no less than 40% in the MAT and SAT stage-1 examination respectively.

Best Book for NTSE Preparation

The books available on this page are an early clip for students who are not just preparing for the NTSE exams, but have distant success targets of other competitive exams in front of them.

These books are written on the basis of the revised syllabus of NTSE examination. Subjects are further parted into SAT and Mat. Bold texts are given to help out students run through important points for their quick revision and lots of descriptive Examples are provided for their better preparation.

Questions given on the basis of advanced Order Thinking ability and mathematical questions based on logical Reasoning. Charts and diagrams are incorporated to capture the interest of the hard working aspirants. These books cover detail solution for all the questions and have relevant clues wherever required. Mock test papers are also provided in the book for students ease and better preparation.

NTSE Syllabus

Students should make a note that the National Talent Search Examination Stage 1 will contain the questions from the modified curriculum of their education board. In 2021, several boards have reduced the syllabus because of ongoing COVID19 pandemic resulting in shutting of schools and colleges.

The stage 1 examination will leave out questions from the chapters that have been removed. The syllabus of the NTSE 2021 is mostly based on areas wrapped in 9th and 10th standard. There are objective kind questions for papers i.e. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Mental Ability Test on appropriate topics.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is based on questions from subjects like Science, Social science and Mathematics. The Mental Ability Test will be based on questions from non- verbal and verbal aptitude such as critical thinking and analysis. In addition, the topics contain classification, analogy, numerical series, hidden figure, pattern perception, etc.

For students’ better preparation, they must solve and analyze as several practice question papers as doable. Solving mock test and previous year papers will make them familiar with the NTSE exam pattern and exam duration. It is recommended that students should attempt and complete the sample papers or 2020 question paper within the fixed time.

Students can get the books online from Disha Publication official page or from their nearest bookstore.

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