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Study Guide for CTET Paper 1 (Class 1 - 5 teachers) with Past Questions 5th Edition

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"The new edition of the book Study Guide for CTET Paper 1 - English (Class 1 - 5 Teachers), English 5th edition, has been updated with the CTET Solved Questions till 2019 divided chapter-wise. • The languages covered in the book are English (1st language) and Hindi (2nd language). • The book provides separate sections for Child Development & Pedagogy, English Language, Hindi Language, EVS and Mathematics. • Each section has been divided into chapters. For each chapter an exhaustive theory has been provided which covers the complete syllabus as prescribed by the CBSE/ NCERT/ NCF 2005. • This is followed by 2 set of exercises. • The exercise 1 contains a set of MCQs from the PREVIOUS YEAR Question Papers of CTET and various STET's. • The exercise 2, ""TEST YOURSELF"" provides carefully selected MCQs for practice. • The book is a must for all the candidates appearing in the Paper 1 of the CTET and State TETs like UPTET, Rajasthan TET, Haryana TET, Bihar TET, Uttarakhand TET, Punjab TET, Tamil Nadu TET etc. "

"Table of Contents
Section A : Child Development & Pedagogy
1. Child Growth and Development Concepts, Principles and Influences
2. Constructs and Critical Perspectives on Development
3. Socialization Process
4. Individual Differences and Intelligence
5. Progressive Education
6. Inclusive Education
7. Learning and Motivation
8. Learning Through Problem Solving and Constructivism
9. Assessment and Evaluations
Past Questions 2013-19
Section B : English Language
• Unseen Passage Prose Based
• Unseen Passage Poetry Based
English Pedagogy
1. Language Learning & Acquisition
2. Principles of Language Teaching
3. Role of Listening & Speaking, Function of Language, How Children Use it as a Tool
4. Critical Perspective on the Role of Grammar in Learning a Language
for Communicating Ideas Verbally & Written Form
5. Challenges of Teaching Language in a Diverse Classroom,
Language Difficulties, Errors & Disorders
6. Learning Skills
7. Evaluating Language Comprehension Proficiency
8. Teaching Learning Materials
9. Remedial Teaching
Past Questions 2013-19
Section C : Hindi
• Gadhyansh
• Padhyansh
Hindi Bhasha Shikshan Shastra
1. Sikhna aur Adhigrahan
2. Bhasha Shikshan Ke Siddhant
3. Bhasha Vikas mein sunane aur bolne ki bhumika
4. Vyakaran-Shikshan
5. Vividh Kakshao mein bhasha shikshan ki chunotia
6. Bhasha Kaushal
7. Bhasha Kaushal ki samajh and mulyankan
8. Shikshan-Adhigam Sahayak Samagri
9. Upcharatmak shikshan
Past Questions 2013-19
Section D : Mathematics
1. Geometry
2. Number System
3. Shapes & Patterns
4. Measurement & Units
5. Data Handling
6. Money
7. Mensuration
Mathematics Pedagogy
1. Nature of Mathematics
2. Place of Mathematics in School Curriculum
3. Language of Mathematics
4. Evaluation
5. Error Analysis & Related Aspects of Learning
6. Diagnostic & Remedial Teaching
Past Questions 2013-19
Section E : Environmental Studies
1. Family
2. Food
3. Shelter
4. Water
5. Travel
EVS Pedagogy
1. Integrated Environmental Studies
2. Environmental Studies and Environmental Education
3. Learning Principles
4. Experimentation / Practical Work
5. Discussion Social Issue and Environment
6. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
7. Teaching Learning Materials
8. Climate Change and Green House Effect
Past Questions 2013-19"

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