Study Package for Physics for JEE Main & Advanced, BITSAT 2nd Edition

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The most unique & innovative way to learn Physics – the Study Package for Physics for for JEE Main & Advanced - by Er. D. C. Gupta.
The updated & enlarged 2nd edition is a set of 12 booklets (7 for Class XI and 5 for Class XII) covering Mechanics, Heat, Waves, Electricity & Magnetism, Optics and Modern Physics.
• The package is an original work of the author and is a result of his rich experience of more than 15 years in training students for IIT-JEE.
• The whole material has been written with a unique style with focus on 100% Concept Clarity for the students.
• The study package presents the theory in great depth with discussion of a huge number of Solved Examples (depicting various cases possible in numerical problems) with near to real-life diagrams so as to provide 100% conceptual clarity to the students.
• The study package has been enriched with inclusion of a number of latest and new problems in 6 variety of exercises, be it Multiple Choice Questions, More than one correct, Statement Questions, Passage & Matrix type Questions, Subjective Integer Type Questions, Subjective Questions.
• The package contains 100s of Magical tips and techniques, which can do wonders in your preparation. Includes tips for faster problem solving.  
• Unique collection of Illustrative Examples along with numerous methods of analysis and shortcuts has been given in a systematic manner to assist the students to understand the concepts of the subjects.
• Alternate methods in various problems for more clarity and better Problem Solving Skills.
• The package has been flavoured with problems on the latest pattern of IIT-JEE.
• Multiple Choice Questions with one and more than one correct, Assertion-Reason type problems, Passage based questions and fully solved subjective problems have been incorporated without any repetition of problems.
• The study package also provide REVISION chapters containing Formulae, Important points and a revision exercise for last minute examination revision.
• The whole package has been divided into 4 parts –
Part I – General Mechanics which is divided into 3 booklets
Part II –Mechanics of Solids & Fluids, Thermodynamics & Wave Motion divided into 4 booklets
Part III – Electromagnetism divided into 3 booklets
Part IV – Wave & Ray Optics and Modern Physics divided into 2 booklets

Author Name Er. D. C. Gupta
ISBN 9789385576614
Product Type BOOK
Pages 2300
Publisher Disha Publication
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