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Study Package for Physics, JEE Main & Advanced, BITSAT 3rd Edition

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Disha's Physics series by North India's popular faculty for IIT-JEE, Er. D. C. Gupta, have achieved a lot of acclaim by the IIT-JEE teachers and students for its quality and in-depth coverage. To make it more accessible for the students Disha now re-launches its complete series in 12 books based on chapters/ units/ themes. These books would provide opportunity to students to pick a particular book  in a particular topic.
Study Package for Physics for JEE Main & Advanced is a set of 12 booklets.
• The package is covered in 7 booklets for class 11 syllabus and 5 booklets for class 12 syllabus.
• The package provides basic concepts related to Mathematics useful in Physics.
• The chapters provide detailed theory which is  followed by Important Formulae, Strategy to solve problems and Solved Examples.
• Each chapter covers 5 categories of New Pattern practice exercises for JEE - MCQ 1 correct, MCQ more than 1 correct, Assertion & Reason, Passage and Matching based Questions.
• The package provides Previous years’ questions of JEE (Main and Advanced). Past years KVPY questions are also incorporated at their appropriate places.
• The present format of the package would be useful for the students preparing for Boards and various competitive exams.

Table of Contents
Booklet 1 - Units, Measurements & Motion
Booklet 2 - Laws of Motion and Circular Motion
Booklet 3 - Work Energy, Power & Gravitation
Booklet 4 - Rotational Motion
Booklet 5 - Properties of Matter & SHM
Booklet 6 - Heat & Thermodynamics
Booklet 7 - Waves
Booklet 8 - Electrostatics
Booklet 9 - Current Electricity
Booklet 10 - Magnetism, EMI & AC
Booklet 12 - Ray & Wave Optics
Booklet 12 - Modern Physics

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