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The General Science Compendium for IAS Prelims General Studies Paper 1 & State PSC Exams 2nd Edition

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ISBN : 97893883730741

Author : Disha Experts

Pages: 300

Publisher: Disha Publication

The 3rd Edition of the book Super 10 Mock Tests for IAS Prarhambhik Samanya Adhyayan 2020 Paper 1 (CSAT) Pariksha - Hindi Edition - contains 10 Mock Tests designed exactly as per the latest pattern. The 2019 IAS Prelim Test Format is completely followed. As asked in previous years a lot of questions are based on government's policies/ schemes. The book contains newly designed MCQs based on the latest trends or happenings in the social, economic & political climate of India. A Question Bank of 100 MCQs on Current Affairs are also provided in the book. The book also provide an 8 page Update on Economy, Polity, Ecology & Science & Tech. Detailed Solutions to each question is provided in the book.
"Table of CONTENTS PHYSICS 1. Measurements & Motion 2. Laws of Motion, Force, Work, Energy & Power, Centre of Mass 3. Force of Gravity, Solids & Fluids 4. Sound, Oscillations, Heat & Thermodynamics 5. Electricity, Magnetism & Light 6. Modern Physics & Sources of Energy Appendix CHEMISTRY 1. Chemistry, Matter & its Composition 2. A toms, Molecules & Nuclear Chemistry 3. Elements Classification & Chemical Bonding 4. Acids, Bases, Salts & Metals 5. Non – Metals 6. Organic Chemistry 7. Everyday Chemistry & Pollution Appendix BIOLOGY 1. Classification/ Cell & Cellular Division 2. Genetics 3. E volution and Ecological Biodiversity 4. Tissue, Physiology of Plants and Animals 5. Reproduction 6. Nutrition, Health and Diseases AppendixSCIENCE & Technology D-1-54 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 1. Computer and Technology 2. Communication Technology 3. Defence Technology 4. Space Technology & Advancements in Science & Technology 5. Nuclear Science Technology 6. Biotechnology & Modern Biological Applications"
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