Disha Publication provides complete curriculum support solutions to corporate clients that include coaching institutes, tuition centers, and e-learning companies. We firmly believe that quality content and strong deliveries are the key drivers behind the growth of any institution.
We have delivered more than 75000 study sets to over 3500 coaching institutes across India. We have a track record of supplying timely and superior quality material (textbooks, solution booklets, classroom & homework assignments, test series, etc.) to a number of coaching institutes in their own name & logo. We take care of all your student material needs so that you can relax and concentrate on teaching and marketing activities.

We offer Customised Study Package for your Institute

What you Get?

  • Complete Study Package With Your Institute Branding
  • As Per Latest Syllabus and Pattern
  • Quantity Based Price Slabs
  • Quality Material Tailored To Your Needs

Study Package available for:


1. JEE - 10 Booklet in each subject (PCM)
2. Complete theory with example and DPP inbuilt
3. Separate Solution Booklets
4. Covers previous year solved paper
5. Student will get 30 booklets 6. Fully Updated and Revised


1. 12 Booklets in each subject
2. Separate solution Booklets
3. Fully updated and revised)
4. Exclusive material for NTA NEET
5. Complete Theory with example and topic-wise practice questions
6. Covers previous year solved papers.


1. The material consists of 8 booklets (2 each of Physics, Chemistry, Math & Biology).
2. The material is aimed at students studying in Class 8th, 9th or 10th, who aspire to prepare for JEE/ NEET in future.
3. The material keeps the school curriculum as base and further upgrades the students Knowledge to meet the requirement of ompetitive exams.


1. Study Material is given with your logo and branding
2. Consist of 10 booklets containing 2500 pages
3. Fully Updated material
4. 1 booklet for each subject


1. Updated material as per latest pattern
2. Different type of questions with detailed solution
3. MCQs, very short ,short and long question


1. Covers al l topics of IBPS/SBI-PO/CLERK
2. Theory ,Solved Examples, illustration and exercises with solution
3. 4 Booklets for each student.
4. Available in Hindi


1. Covers all topics of Ssc and General Competition.
2. Theory ,Solved Examples, illustration and exercises with solution.
3. 4 Booklets for each student.
4. Useful for CGL,CHSL, MTS etc.
5. Available in Hindi


1. This Study package consists of 2 booklet of each subject. Each Chapter contains:
2. Quick Review of basic concepts
3. Solved examples
4. Practice Exercise along with solutions



Learn, Revise & Practice with our UNIQUE Assignment Sheets.

DPP - Daily Practice Problems

  • Revised and updated problems
  • As per latest syllabus & pattern
  • Include all variety of questions
  • Separate & detailed solution booklets for teachers
  • Institute logo on all DPP sheets
  • Quantity based price slabs

Classroom & Homework Assignment Modules

  • Chapter-wise and topic-wise assignments for practice
  • As per latest syllabus & pattern
  • Covers variety of questions
  • Separate solution manual for teachers/ institutes
  • Institute logo on all CR/HW assignment sheets
  • Quantity based price slabs

Online Test Series

  • Contains Chapter-wise tests, Full tests and Mock tests
  • As per the latest syllabus and pattern of the exam
  • Each chapter has 2 levels of tests
  • Mock tests imitate real exams
  • Instant results, solutions & feedback
  • Remote test access from coaching center/cyber café/laptop/tab devices
  • Practice multiple times before final exam
  • Branding as per quantity

Offline Test Series

  • As per latest syllabus and pattern of the exam
  • Real exam-type pattern based tests
  • Exactly as per NCERT
  • Covers all variety of questions
  • Branding as per quantity

Disha Books With Your Logo

  • Avail Disha Publication books in bulk with your own branding
  • Comprehensive study material divided into textbooks, guides, assessment sheets & solved papers.
  • Many books are available in both English and Hindi languages.
  • Customise the books as per your requirement.
  • Integrate technology with content

My Study Package - Learning App

Be the first coaching institute to distribute your Study Material on multiple digital platforms through “My Study Package” Learning App – Works on Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Benefits of My Study Package

  • Internet independent content delivery and usage (Online & Offline Mode).
  • Institute can upload the study material with their brand on cover page.
  • Interactive e-book reader (Add notes/Add Bookmarks/Highlighter).
  • Send any communication to the students instantaneously.

Why institutes should go for My Study package?

  • My Study Package Learning App would be a very effective branding or marketing tool for coaching institutes.
  • Coaching Institutes can publish their educational content seamlessly on this app.
  • Provision to update educational content anytime on the digital platform.
  • Digital presence leads to brand awareness as well as reputation enhancement of coaching institutes.

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