Toppers Secret of Success

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Results of a survey said that the difference between a Topper and an Average student is not much in terms of Subject knowledge, intelligence or hard work, but the major difference is in terms of study techniques and approach towards exam. Hard work should bring success but only when coupled with efficient and appropriate study techniques. The book/seminar is based on success story of hundreds of toppers of different exams. The book/seminar recapitulates and reinforces the basic study techniques adopted by toppers and helps in mastering skills & techniques to learn more in less time and with less stress. So learn the toppers secrets of Success today and become a topper tomorrow. The author is a counselling expert and has delivered this seminar to more than 1 lac students. The book comes along with a CD which contains the complete seminar on Toppers Secret of Success delivered by Mr. Avinash Agarwal himself.

Author Name Avinash Agarwal
ISBN 9789381250327
Product Type Book
Pages 250
Publisher Disha Publication
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